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THE WHEEL Mag - Leo Issue 5

THE WHEEL Mag - Leo Issue 5


THE WHEEL Digital Magazine was a 12-issue publishing released in 2022-2023. 


"A digital magazine geared toward holistic + creative entrepreneurs with a little influence from the stars. ✨


Empowering Entrepreneurs to bring some woo woo to the traditional business systems and find a more profound self-awareness to align with their soul's purpose. We seek to promote a grounded approach to help our audience tap into their authenticity and potential and take action through goal management."


This, is the regal lion, Leo. 


Each FREE issue is about 25-30 pages in length and features: 

  • Astrological Profiles for the Zodiac Archetype in focus
  • Entrepreneur Interviews (personal brand stories)
  • Economic + Productivity Features
  • Physiological Element Work
  • Astro Poetry + Recipes
  • Floral + Cocktail Photography
  • and more!

*All contributor's information is hyperlinked throughout every issue. Connect with them if you resonate with their work!


Download this issue if its your sun, moon, rising or midheaven, heck, even your venus or your mars sign and get to know more about the astrological archetypes and how they integrate into your personal branding identity.


Astrology, whether you prescribe to living by your birth chart or not, is a great (and ancient) insight into your personality. The way you move in the world can be charted in this blueprint that is unique to you. 


Check out THE WHEEL as a precursor to the paid quarterly digital subscription of CLUB Magazine, launching Fall 2024!

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