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CLUB digital magazine


FALL 2024

Invest early and get more bonuses

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    Every year
    Your annual subscription to CLUB Magazine. Buy 2025 subscription by Sept 1 and get the launch issue (fall 2024 release) FREE + bonuses. It's quarterly, digital and inspiring. Your'e welcome.
    • 120(ish) pages of personal branding focused content
    • Insights on entrepreneurs with great stories to tell
    • Exclusive offers from our brand partners
    • Monthly themed newsletters add-on (see FREE Newsletter)
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    Like a fine wine you savor, we offer our FREE Monthly Newsletter with a topic focus each month, so we don't bombard your inbox.
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    • Exclusive Articles
    • Roundups of content we resonate with that's theme aligned
    • Book Recommendations, Playlists - fun stuff

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Subscribe as a paid member by September 1st, 2024 and get the inaugural issue FREE!

  • (your annual subscription would be for 4 issues commencing in 2025.

  • Other bonus content will make it's way to your inbox throughout fall 2024.

Thanks for joining the CLUB!

How do you most identify professionally?

The Content

Get ready to take your personal branding journey to the next level with CLUB, our exclusive quarterly digital magazine. We touch upon identity work, confidence building, public presentation and wellness, all from the broad lens of personal branding. (There's a lot to cover. You'll see.)


Let's discuss the ins and outs of entrepreneurship from a lens of identity and confidence building.

How can you focus on what works for you and not the next guy (or gal?)


There are a lot of success stories out there, with a backstory resembling a soap opera. Resonate and get inspired by cool kids doing cool things to save the world.



We want to collaborate with experts who can help you thrive in addition to our own ammo, so we intend to have special surprises for our subscribers.

CLUB is just the start

Our MVP product, the gateway drug, the intro to our excellence. CLUB Magazine will be partnered with other multimedia components in the future to be multi-accessible to our audience.

We Are Become.

Become. is a multi-tiered, subscription-based content publishing platform designed to impact the entrepreneurial community and positively influence their mindset for professional and personal growth.

We are going to be offering quarterly digital content for The Individualists in the professional world, looking to change the game and help shape the future of work. 

Multi-accessible media helping you learn yourself, evolve and own your unique archetype.


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