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Collaborate with us.

Join the CLUB and let's co-produce some great content.

Are you a brand intent on helping independent professionals and business leaders grow their companies with an innovative approach to the future of work?

We want to collaborate with you for mutual promotion.

We're offering recurring articles and ad space in our first six full issues

(Fall 2024 - Winter 2025)

of CLUB Magazine to experts and correlating brands in exchange for promotion to your audience.

Connect with us for the opportunity to write content for six magazine issues, each with preset (but adjustable) themes that suit your mission.

Let's scratch each other's backs.

What do you get in return?

  • Well, we promote you as one of our experts, duh.

  • We give you a free CLUB magazine subscription and a beta tester of our community. This includes helping us shape our forthcoming virtual events.

  • And having future video and podcast content opportunities on Become. 's digital TV network. 

What else?

We treat you (or your business) as an ambassador and ask you to help us grow our community. This means spreading the love (and awareness) to your existing audience. Let them know you're working with us, and then offer them a promo code for the first annual subscription (with the bonus of our early mini teaser issues.)

CLUB Magazine

CLUB is our quarterly, subscription-based digital magazine. (Back issues will be sold individually in our Shop approximately six months post-publication.) It will average 120 pages, with recurring sections based on our brand's content pillars, dedicated to a whole human approach to personal branding. We will also have ad space and feature the cross-integration of video content to be leveraged on socials and for future virtual events.

Become. CLUB Magazine sample cover

Get to know our Cool Kids

Our key persona is The Individualist. This is broken down to the target audience of Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Mentors. Get to know how they interconnect here.

Just want ad space?

CLUB, as well as our forthcoming weekly/monthly newsletter and our website offer banner ads too.

Let’s Connect

Email us below OR respond to our finely crafted note that brought you to this webpage. 

Thanks for submitting!

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