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The Cool Kids.

What we're about and our big a$$ why.

We're identifying what's the next generation of work - and it's crucial to do what you love and present that unapologetically. 

This is our key persona, The Individualist's way

Our Content

You'll benefit from Become. if you are: 


Looking to "make a name for yourself"

You are an independent professional or startup founder (and aspiring leader in your space) seeking the best and most authentic way to present yourself to your target audience confidently.


Health + Well-Being Focused

The war between hustle culture and slow living is real. The problem is that we don't take the time to figure out what works best for us to be of better service to others, leading to the undesirable burnout phenomenon. Let's get honest about how we treat ourselves and make tangible changes.


A multi-hyphenate powerhouse

You have many moving parts and are trying to piece it all together. When it comes to identity work, that is the future of work. Create a specialized niche that encapsulates all your excellence.


Someone who has never fit in a proverbial box

The more we get to know ourselves beyond the societal conditioning, traumatic experiences, and the roots of our BS that limit us, the more we can find success in doing things in our own fashion. Personal Branding is identity work paired with your professional ambitions. 

Content is the connective tissue.

The Entrepreneurial Hero's Journey

The Individualist

Our Cool Kids

The empathetic rebels with ambition who need a little help with identity presentation and having a healthier work life.

The Freelancer

The First Stage:

Identity Work

Mindset Development

Streamlining + Focus

  • They are seeking individuality and freedom.

  • Opportunistic and motivated, but they lacking confidence and a sense of direction.

  • Open-minded yet inundated with so many different ways to succeed.


They need clarity and streamlined content tailored to their learning style.

The Entrepreneur

The Second Stage:

Confidence Building

Leadership Development

Public Notoriety

  • All-in and seeking a better work/life balance.

  • Grounded, aware of the wild ride, and looking for their next round of scaling, both personally and professionally.

  • These folks have skin in the game, with a few years identifying as an entrepreneur.


They've developed an entrepreneurial mindset but struggle to identify the next right action.

The Mentor

The Third Stage:

Coaching Identity

Burnout Healing

Publicity Growth

  • The masters seek to pay it forward with their knowledge and experience.

  • They want to evolve as better leaders and cultivate their public presence in this newfound status.

  • These OGs have been on the entrepreneurial track for 5+ years (but who's counting?), have seen some success, and have a stable work life.


They are in a coaching phase with war stories, looking to share their wisdom and learn from the next generation. 

The Rebellion

Coming 2024

We've got big plans.

And we're inviting you to join the CLUB.

We are offering multi-accessible content and the opportunity to connect with others and mutually inspire.

We're going to talk about the nitty gritty details of being an ambitious human who's looking to change the world for the better. #unleashyourinnerrebel

The Goods

We are rolling out content-focused offers over the course of 2024 - all geared toward helping you build your personal brand.


A quarterly digital magazine + future virtual events highlighting aspirational personal brands in the form of storytelling.

Online Program

An expert led course to amplify your personal branding journey.


Media + Community

A digital network that promotes exemplary and inspiring personal branding content.

What stage of the Entrepreneurial Hero's Journey are you on?

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