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THE WHEEL Astrology Business Planner + Journal
  • THE WHEEL Astrology Business Planner + Journal


    THE WHEEL is a 12-issue digital magazine for holistic + creative entrepreneurs, with a little help from the stars.


    The Business Planner + Journal will help you reflect on your astrological makeup and create a concrete business plan for your fantastic concept and help you evolve your personal brand! 


    THE WHEEL is empowering entrepreneurs to bring balance between holistic practices, the creator economy, and the traditional business systems to find a more profound self-awareness and align with their soul's purpose. We seek to promote a grounded approach to the woo woo to help our audience tap into their authenticity + potential.


    By offering a Business Planner that leverages the zodiac archetypes as examples for each facet of a traditional business plan, we encourage self-awareness and growth alongside cultivating your flourishing business idea. Again, personal branding!


    The Business Planner + Journal is delivered in a 78 page digital pdf that includes tips and writing prompts for your communication, productivity, and recreational needs. This reflects the left and right brain and the physical body. It also has a DIY version to create and customize your business plan in Canva.


    Bring your business to life with our Business Planner today!




    THE WHEEL was curated by Editor-in-Chief Emma Norton - the Founder of Become. It was a stage of her personal branding journey heavily laden with identity comprehension, and how we as individuals interact with one another based on the modalities we can use as tools to learn ourselves.


    Get all 12 issues of THE WHEEL free with your purchase!


    *The information for all those involved in the project can be found hyperlinked throughout every issue.*

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