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Jung's 12 Universal Archetypes for Personal Branding

There are many methodologies out there for brand building. Taking them as cues to build your personal brand (which, of course, requires more unique tactics) is pertinent. The foundations of such methods are rooted in psychology and storytelling.

With this, we can take a look at archetypes and use them as a way to view our story.

Jung Brand Archetypes Become. Media

Carl Jung, a famous psychiatrist, identified 12 universal archetypes that represent fundamental human desires, motivations, and experiences. These archetypes have been adapted and used in various fields, including marketing and branding, to connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level.

Here's an overview of the 12 Jung brand archetypes:

  1. The Innocent: Embodies purity, goodness, and optimism. Brands that align with this archetype often promote simplicity, safety, and nostalgia.

    1. Brand Examples: Dove, Coca-Cola, Nivea

    2. Personal Brand Example: JoJo Siwa no mo. 😬

  2. The Everyman/Everywoman: Represents the relatable, down-to-earth individual. Brands that embody this archetype connect with consumers on a personal level, emphasizing authenticity and relatability.

    1. Brand Examples: IKEA, Target, Walmart

    2. Personal Brand Example: Empathetic Funnyman, Adam Sandler

  3. The Hero: Symbolizes bravery, courage, and overcoming challenges. Brands that adopt this archetype inspire and motivate consumers, emphasizing their ability to achieve their goals.

    1. Brand Examples: Nike, Adidas, Red Bull

    2. Personal Brand Example: NBA contender for the GOAT(?) Lebron James

  4. The Outlaw: Rebels against convention and challenges the status quo. Brands that embody this archetype appeal to consumers who seek individuality and nonconformity.

    1. Brand Examples: Harley-Davidson, Virgin, Diesel

    2. Personal Brand Example: Virgin Founder, Richard Branson

  5. The Explorer: Embodies curiosity, discovery, and a thirst for adventure. Brands that align with this archetype inspire consumers to explore new things and broaden their horizons.

    1. Brand Examples: National Geographic, The North Face, REI

    2. Personal Brand Example: Ocean Explorer, Jacques Cousteau

  6. The Creator: Represents imagination, innovation, and creativity. Brands that adopt this archetype appeal to consumers who value self-expression and originality.

    1. Brand Examples: Apple, Adobe, LEGO

    2. Personal Brand Example: Apple Founder, Steve Jobs

  7. The Ruler: Symbolizes leadership, authority, and control. Brands that embody this archetype appeal to consumers who seek order, stability, and expertise.

    1. Brand Examples: BMW, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz

    2. Personal Brand Example: Let's not get too political, but add a controversial politician in here.

  8. The Magician: Represents transformation, wisdom, and unlocking potential. Brands that align with this archetype inspire consumers to believe in possibilities and achieve personal growth.

    1. Brand Examples: TED Talks, Disney, Headspace

    2. Personal Brand Example: Her Majesty, Oprah Winfrey

  9. The Lover: Embodies passion, intimacy, and connection. Brands that adopt this archetype appeal to consumers who value relationships, experiences, and beauty.

    1. Brand Examples: Godiva, Victoria's Secret, L'Oréal

    2. Personal Brand Example: Beyoncé. Duh.

  10. The Caregiver: Represents nurturing, compassion, and selflessness. Brands that embody this archetype connect with consumers on an emotional level, emphasizing empathy and care.

    1. Brand Examples: Pampers, Johnson & Johnson, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

    2. Personal Brand Example: Primatologist and Anthropologist, Dr. Jane Goodall

  11. The Jester: Represents humor, fun, and lightheartedness. Brands that adopt this archetype connect with consumers through entertainment and lightheartedness, bringing joy and laughter.

    1. Brand Examples: M&Ms, Skittles, Kit Kat

    2. Personal Brand Example: Insert your favorite late night host here. One of the Jimmy's, a Seth, A Stephen...

  12. The Sage: Symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and expertise. Brands that embody this archetype appeal to consumers who seek answers, guidance, and insights.

    1. Examples: Google, Wikipedia, Khan Academy

    2. Personal Brand Example: Doctor, Author, Guru-level persona, Deepak Chopra

By understanding and aligning with these brand archetypes, companies can craft compelling brand messages, connect with their target audience on a deeper level, and build a strong brand identity that resonates with consumers.

We've created this Become. Guide for you to see how each archetype could present itself aesthetically. Do you resonate with the Jung Brand Archetypes and need a little guidance in cultivating your personal brand aesthetic? This Become. Guide is made for you! We've included visuals, color palettes, fonts and other info to give you a foundation.

Interested in discovering the differ archetypal methodologies for your personal brand development?

Join the CLUB! We're all about identity work to present yourself authentically and to feel good about yourself! Become.'s Jungian Archetype is likely The Outlaw - we rebel against being a cookie cutter version of others, and like to stand out. We're all for being honest, vulnerable, and constantly evolving. Subscribe to our email list and get ready for our CLUB Magazine launch this fall!

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