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Become. Jung Brand Archetypes Aesthetic Guide
  • Become. Jung Brand Archetypes Aesthetic Guide


    Use this Become. guide to draw inspiration for your personal brand and see which archetypes you most resonate with. 


    This guide contains 12 Mood Boards to help you define your aesthetic based on your brand archetype(s). Featuring fonts, palettes, visual ideas, and questions to prompt your creative process and identity work, we designed the guide to be a fun and interactive, quick process to help you take action. 


    Notable Swiss psychotherapist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung determined these 12 archetypes, which in recent years have been parlayed into brand archetypes. For example, Apple is known as The Outlaw, and Dove is known as The Caregiver.


    When we take these archetypes and consider their inspiration for our personal branding needs, we can put together a brand aesthetic (and communication strategy) that we will find easy to execute and love because it represents our authenticity. 


    Jung's Brand Archetypes are:

    1. The Innocent

    2. The Everyman/woman

    3. The Hero

    4. The Outlaw

    5. The Explorer

    6. The Creator

    7. The Ruler

    8. The Magician

    9. The Lover

    10. The Caregiver

    11. The Jester

    12. The Sage 


    This Become. guide is 20 pages, including assessment pages and a mood board template you can use. 

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