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What is the Enneagram Assessment and Their Types: Highlighting Type 4 The Individualist

The Enneagram, unlike the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), is a personality framework that focuses on core motivations, fears, and defense mechanisms. It describes nine distinct personality types, each with its own unique set of patterns and dynamics.

Here's a breakdown of the nine Enneagram Types:

1. The Reformer:

  • Core motivation: To be good and improve the world.

  • Core fear: Being corrupt or insincere.

  • Defense mechanism: Perfectionism and criticism.

2. The Helper:

  • Core motivation: To be loved and needed.

  • Core fear: Being unwanted or unloved.

  • Defense mechanism: Neediness and self-sacrifice.

3. The Achiever:

  • Core motivation: To be successful and valuable.

  • Core fear: Worthlessness and failure.

  • Defense mechanism: Competitiveness and workaholism.

4. The Individualist:

  • Core motivation: To be unique and authentic.

  • Core fear: Blending in or being ordinary.

  • Defense mechanism: Withdrawing and emotional detachment.

5. The Investigator:

  • Core motivation: To be knowledgeable and competent.

  • Core fear: Being incompetent or ignorant.

  • Defense mechanism: Withdrawing and intellectualizing emotions.

6. The Loyalist:

  • Core motivation: To be secure and part of a group.

  • Core fear: Being unsupported or alone.

  • Defense mechanism: Anxiousness and doubt.

7. The Enthusiast:

  • Core motivation: To be happy and experience excitement.

  • Core fear: Missing out or being bored.

  • Defense mechanism: Seeking stimulation and optimism.

8. The Challenger:

  • Core motivation: To be in control and powerful.

  • Core fear: Being vulnerable or helpless.

  • Defense mechanism: Domination and aggression.

9. The Peacemaker:

  • Core motivation: To have inner peace and harmony.

  • Core fear: Conflict and separation.

  • Defense mechanism: Merging and agreeableness.

It's important to remember that the Enneagram is not about putting people in boxes. Each type has a spectrum of expression, and individuals can resonate with aspects of multiple types. The Enneagram is a tool for self-exploration, helping you understand your motivations, fears, and unconscious patterns.

What’s really cool is type 4 is called The Individualist, aka our people. We didn’t get the correlation when building out the personas, so we ponder how many Type 4 dominants are out there. Here’s the intel on The Individualist: 

​​The Enneagram's Artist: Understanding The Individualist (Type 4)

Have you ever felt like you don't quite fit in? Like there's a depth to your emotions and a yearning for authenticity that most people just don't understand? If so, you might be an Enneagram Type 4, also known as the Individualist.

The Enneagram, a powerful tool for self-discovery, identifies nine core personality types. Fours are known for their rich inner world, creativity, and relentless pursuit of finding their true selves. But this path can also be fraud bbbght with melancholy, envy, and a sense of being fundamentally different from others.

Understanding the Core Drives of the Individualist:

  • The Desire: Authenticity. Fours have a burning desire to be genuine and express their unique perspective on the world. They crave deep connections built on mutual understanding.

  • The Fear: Inauthenticity and Insignificance. Their deepest fear is losing touch with their true selves and becoming ordinary. They worry they lack the special spark that makes them worthy of love and belonging.

  • The Core Wound: A Sense of Incompleteness. Fours often feel like something is missing within them. This can stem from childhood experiences of loss, neglect, or a feeling of never quite measuring up.

The Two Sides of the Four:

  • Healthy Fours: When thriving, Fours are deeply empathetic, compassionate, and possess a profound understanding of the human experience. They are visionary artists, inspiring leaders, and insightful friends.

  • Unhealthy Fours: When struggling, Fours can become withdrawn, self-critical, and envious of others' happiness. They may dwell on negative emotions and struggle to connect with others authentically.

How Fours Can Thrive:

  • Embrace Your Uniqueness: Celebrate your individuality! Don't be afraid to express your authentic self through your work, relationships, and creative pursuits.

  • Identify Your Strengths: Fours are incredibly creative, introspective, and emotionally intelligent. Leverage these strengths to build a fulfilling life and career.

  • Challenge Negative Thinking: Recognize the self-doubt and envy that can creep in. Practice self-compassion and focus on your personal growth journey.

  • Build Deep Connections: Find others who appreciate your depth and authenticity. Seek out mentors, friends, and collaborators who understand your unique perspective.

The world needs the creativity, empathy, and authenticity of the Individualist. By understanding your core motivations and cultivating your strengths, you can embrace your true self and share your unique gifts with the world.

This blog is just a starting point for your exploration of Enneagram Type 4. There are many resources available to learn more, including books, websites, and even workshops specifically designed for Fours.

Do you have Type 4 as an Enneagram Type?

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Here's some additional Ennegram info:

Wings are the numbers on each side of your Ennegram Type. For example, if you are a Type 1, you have a 2 and a 9 wing.

  • Self-preservation – responding to perceived threats and needs

  • Social – creating social structures within communities

  • One-to-one – primary relationships or coupling; also known as the Sexual subtype

Take your assessment here.

Here are some resources for further exploration:

The Enneagram in Love and Work: We encourage you to delve deeper and discover your own Enneagram type! It can be a fascinating journey of self-discovery. It's another great tool to have toward your identity integration.

Looking to learn more about your Enneagram type and how it relates to your personal brand?

We're big into identity work. Explore parts of yourself, gain inspiration from others and put it all together to cultivate your indomitable personal brand. Join the CLUB today!

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