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We are a multi-tiered, subscription-based content publishing platform designed to impact the entrepreneurial community and positively influence their mindset for professional and personal growth.

We show
and tell
cool stories

cool kids.

Here's the deal - we don't want to bombard your inbox or social feeds. 

We do want to help you thoroughly identify your individuality (beyond the societal conditioning and other self-imposed limitations) and build your personal brand. 

And from there, we want to help you let your freak flag fly.

Become. 2024 Personal Branding Trends Report

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The type you look forward to receiving and savoring like a fine wine because you know it will be inspiring, reflective, and tug at your heartstrings a little (with consumerism thrown in there, of course.)

We want to offer you quality content over quantity.

The Goods

We are rolling out content-focused offers over the course of 2024 - all geared toward helping you build your personal brand.

CLUB Magazine

A quarterly digital magazine + future virtual events highlighting aspirational personal brands in the form of storytelling.

Online Program

An expert led course to amplify your personal branding journey.


Media + Community

A digital network that promotes exemplary and inspiring personal branding content.

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The Cool Kids

Our target audience are Individualists and are comprised of different phases of the Entrepreneurial Hero's Journey. They make up our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.


New to the game or likes to work in this ever popular structure.


The aspirational business leaders from all industries. From startups to small businesses - it's a lifestyle.


Those who have done it all and want to pay it forward to the next generation.

We like inspiration paired with tangible action. 

We want to help you expand your horizons - better learn yourself and find correlations with others highlighted in different industries who have different interests - but you can find a common bond based on being a human with good intentions. 

Buy our Personal Branding eBook that goes through the basics.

Becoming a Personal Brand eBook

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CLUB Webinars

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